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January 15, 2011


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i have not kept up with the journal, or deviantart for that matter, in a long time. i will be better...

18 shows last year with a massive solo show. 2 little books of my doodles created and sold to people who wanted material of that nature. been in a bunch of zines and mags. painted, drew, and did wood projects like a mad man. i posted only a fraction of the work in last 12 months. in short, artistically too busy, and gaining momentum going into this year... this almost sounds like bitching, but i'm actually stoked.

sorry to you people who got replies to comments, like, a month or more later. it's like, "who the f**k is this guy, and what the f**k is he talking about?" when i answer so late. i like cruising and sharing on DA and i'll make more time for it by spending a fraction less time on facebook.

at least i still look like the profile pic i put up a year or more ago...except a bit of gray in my beard and slightly more ugly around the face. so that stays the same, to continue some of the "lazy" i made famous in 2010.

  • Mood: I Have To Pee
  • Listening to: Dessa
  • Reading: an ebook
  • Watching: adventure time
  • Playing: scrabble
  • Eating: chips and salsa
  • Drinking: coffee (always)
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18 shows? Dude, that is awesome! I hope 2011 is equally successful for you.
i have a few things cookin' .......smell that? yep, another busy year...
you be a better person, and I'll be a bigger douche.
Working together we can cancel each other out :)

Congrats on the progress!
if i become less of a douche and i become a better person at the same time, then i will cancel myself out and your life will be spared!

Cheers to artistic momentum!
thanks. this year i really want to chill a little more. so, please take a bit f the momentum....but just a little.
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